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Princeton Researcher Pens Sacrilegious Romp

I have permission from author John Brinster to distribute an excerpt from his new book THE ABDUCTION: The Sacred Legend of the Great Wall. A Princeton scientist and brain researcher, Brinster takes on the religious establishment and the irrationality of religion in this speculative account of the early life of Jesus of Nazareth.

With the premise that the baby Jesus was abducted and taken to China, then replaced in the manger by one of twin imposters, THE ABDUCTION criss-crosses two millennia with a combination of history, intrigue, and philosophy.

The excerpt I am distributing outlines the teachings of "Jem," Jesus' name after being abducted. Jem was raised among Buddhists in Western China at the nexus of the Great Wall of China and the famous Silk Road spanning Asia to the Mediterranean. The excerpt is available at the following URL -- or email me, and I will send it as a text file:
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