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Excerpt: Irreverent Law Guide for Boomers

I have permission from Carolina Academic Press to distribute an excerpt from the book, "Alive and Kicking: Legal Advice for Boomers," by a couple of wisecracking elder law experts.

Kenney F. Hegland is a professor of law at the University of Arizona. Robert B. Fleming is an elder law specialist. Together they are almost insufferable.

Their jokes are corny, their banter is sometimes profane, and their book is anti-do-it-yourself. Yet the authors are wise and blunt, quickly cutting to the chase on end-of-life legal matters facing baby boomers and their parents.

For example, the excerpt I'm distributing is entitled: "Self-Abuse: Vegas, Booze, and the Question of Guns." It deals with legal options concerning seniors who are determined to gamble away or drink down their life savings. The excerpt gives a good sense of how Hegland and Fleming tackle delicate subjects with humor and hard-earned advice.

The excerpt from "Alive and Kicking" is located at the following URL, or I'll send a text-only version upon request.

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