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Regional Fiction.

I'm starting a research project about a piece of American literature published between 1890 and 1940; the work of fiction must be by an American author who wrote about a place they are from or very familair with. I'm going to have to focus on a novel that deals with the "local" or "regional" color of a place. So far, books I have read in the class involve works by Sarah Orne Jewett (The Country of the Pointed Firs), Frank Norris (The Octopus), William Faulkner (As I Lay Dying), Willa Cather (O Pioneers), Sherwood Anderson (Winesburg, Ohio), and Langston Hughes (Not Without Laughter). I can either choose another work by one of these authors or another book. I'd like to focus on another book, but I'm having difficulty choosing one. Another example would be Huckleberry Finn--the story is "of" a place and not simply "about" it -- as a reader reads the description, he or she feels as though they are in the place being described.

If anyone can direct me to a list of authors that use regionalism or if you know if any books that are considered "regional," please let me know.

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