tmg212 (tmg212) wrote in bibliophiles,

Huge Book Sale coming up!

Hey all! I have fallen on some hard-financial-times, so I am selling some (a lot of) books that I have either read or never bothered to crack open. A full list will be up shortly, but I pretty much have the entire J.D Robb "In Death" series in paperback, a few ballet technique books, a lot of Arthur Nessarian novels, and a few classics. Full list will be up later tonight, just a heads up. The books are a flat 2 for $10 rate with $3 S&H, so it's really 2 books for $13. or 1 for $7. I'm also going to try to sell them in a bulk at craigslist to a bookstore or something. Any other ideas on how I can get rid of them for profit? I spent so much on them, and could really use the money.
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