Snark with a Side of Cheeky (silentrequiem) wrote in bibliophiles,
Snark with a Side of Cheeky

PSA for Fictionwise Customers

I don't know how many people here read ebooks, and how many of those shop at Fictionwise, but one of Fictionwise's distributors, OverDrive, decided to dump them. This means that any OverDrive books you have purchased cannot be downloaded again in the format you purchased them after January 31st. Previously downloaded files will still work but as with all electronic files, backups are just good common sense.

Fictionwise, bless them, is scrambling to try and get permissions from publishers to provide the people who are affected with Secure eReader versions of the books instead. This news isn't "public" in that Fictionwise hasn't officially announced it yet (someone found out by accident and leaked it) but I imagine they will soon.

I'm a bit annoyed myself since some of my books were affected. However, most already have eReader replacements and most were books I probably won't read again. I also obsessively back up all my ebooks and convert them to several formats to guarantee I can always access them.

More info here
MobileRead Forum thread

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