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This community was started to provide a haven for all those who have ever been told "stop reading at the table," "put down that book and pay attention to class," or "keep up with the class readings!" (because they were three pages ahead). Feel free to discuss literary approaches, literary criticism, authors, styles, genres, periods, or anything else having to do with literature, books, and the reading of such. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction...it's all welcome here. We do ask that all members post a little something when they join, just to let us know you're here. Curl up, open to that dog-eared page, and jump in!

**Please remember that everybody has an opinion. "That book sucks" is not a proper argument...tell us WHY. Nobody wants to hear a fifth-grade type argument about whose book is better; instead, we'd love to see an educated opinion on what you like and dislike about a certain book, genre, style, &c. Good luck!**